About Composer Eloy Sherlock


That is how this project started. The passion to share the word of the Lord.  I started  with one composition "In the beginning. God created ....... " (Genesis 1:1) - and thats how my passion received its soul. I did not know then where it was all leading - perhaps to share only with family and friends...but, it grew and grew.....and grew. New friends (and new stories) led from just singing a couple of songs to adding more songs. Then that led to acting out the songs and then to recording music and filming vignettes. And before I knew - I was surrounded by the most talented people on this earth! Genesis turned into The Biblical Music Experience encapsulating: singing, acting, multi media screen and live musicians on stage that allow you to become part of the experience- the story of you. My passion has not changed ..... I only want to share it with you!

God Bless you, Eloy Sherlock

Check out the new live show DVD/download - available in March.

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